Oils, Lotions & Rubs

Whispers of Wellness

In the quiet alcove of self-care’s embrace, Where amber bottles hold secrets of grace, I find solace in the language of oils, A fragrant lexicon that soothes and spoils.

  1. Frankincense, ancient and wise, Resin kissed by desert suns, it flies. Anoints my temples, whispers to my soul, As I inhale its stories—of healing and whole.

  2. Coconut milk, a tropical hymn, Lotion’s lullaby, where softness begins. It cradles parched skin, like moonlight’s kiss, A balm for the weary, a promise of bliss.

  3. Lavender, the twilight’s muse, In massage oils, it weaves dreams anew. Its floral notes dance on tired shoulders, As knots unravel, and burdens grow bolder.

  4. Eucalyptus, a forest’s breath, Rubbed into muscles, it defies life’s depth. Cooling and invigorating, it whispers relief, A balm for the ache, a tender belief.

  5. Magnesium gel, liquid stardust, Sprayed on joints, where pain meets trust. Aloe vera’s embrace, a moonlit potion, Soothing the dance of bones and emotion.

  6. Arnica, the healer’s touch, Massaged into sinews, it weaves a clutch. Lavender and chamomile waltz in tandem, Relaxing the canvas where life’s colors blend.

  7. Frankincense & Myrrh, ancient twins, Roll-on companions for life’s aches and sins. They anoint wrists, pulse points, and scars, As I become a vessel for their healing stars.

  8. Vitamin E, a whisper in a bottle, Skin’s rejuvenation, a tender throttle. It cradles cells, like a mother’s song, In lotions and rubs, where love belongs.

And so, I rub, I anoint, I breathe, In this sacred choreography of reprieve. Organic oils, lotions, and rubs— They write poetry on my skin, in tender drubs.

Note: Let these verses seep into your pores, like rain on thirsty earth. 🌿✨

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