Candles & Oil

Candlelight Whispers

In the quiet room, a candle’s glow, Softly dancing, to and fro. A whispering light, in shadows cast, A serene moment, not meant to last.

Upon the wick, a flame burns bright, Casting warmth into the night. In its embrace, we find our peace, In its flicker, all troubles cease.

Droplets of wax, like tears they fall, From candles tall, in the hall. Each a memory, a moment in time, Captured in wax, in rhythm and rhyme.

Listen close to the candle’s tale, A whispering wind, a silent wail. In every flicker, a story’s told, In every flame, a secret’s hold.

A sentinel in the dark of night, Guiding with its gentle light. A candle stands, alone, yet strong, In its glow, we belong.

In candlelight, thoughts come alive, In its warmth, our dreams thrive. A beacon in the dark, a guide so true, In its glow, the world anew.

Like a guardian, the candle stands, Holding light in its waxen hands. In its vigil, a steadfast glow, Guiding us where we go.

A tale told in a candle’s light, In its flicker, stories ignite. A dance of shadows, a play of light, In its glow, the world so bright.

A candle’s flame, eternal and bright, A symbol of hope, in the darkest night. A never-ending dance of light, In its presence, everything’s right.

Waves of wax, ebbing and flowing, With the candle’s flame, ever glowing. A sea of tranquility, in its wake, In its light, all fears abate.

From flame to wax, a journey told, In the candle’s life, stories unfold. A path of light, a trail of fire, In its journey, we never tire.

In the flame, reflections dance, Casting shadows, a hypnotic trance. And so, we light our candles, one by one, In their flicker, our stories spun.

Note: Let the candlelight weave its magic, illuminating both our surroundings and our souls. 🕯️✨

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